What Does It Mean to Be a Fiduciary?

If you are in a position of trust or responsibility in relation to someone else’s financial assets, or if you exercise any discretion over the management of those assets, you are a most likely a “Fiduciary”.

In that capacity, you must exercise care, skill, prudence and diligence as if you are an expert familiar with investment matters.  That’s been found, over the years, to amount to the highest standard of care known to the law and it is not an obligation to be taken lightly.

If you are a fiduciary, for example, as an employer, foundation, or endowment, or as an investment committee member for any such organization, there are well established practices for you to observe so that you act in the best interests of those you serve.

Cambridge Fiduciary will assist you to understand your fiduciary status and to conform to those prudent practices that will satisfy your fiduciary responsibilities! Now, if you have a question as to someone else’s fiduciary status or responsibilities, we can help you too!

For existing fiduciaries, Cambridge offers comprehensive services to ensure that you and your organization perform to the highest standards

How do you develop, establish and maintain trust in the investment industry? The key is to operate with a set of accepted fiduciary principles that assures investors—including retirement plan participants—of consistent unbiased methodologies.

Our independent fiduciary audit discovers weaknesses

Cambridge performs comprehensive assessments according to a standardized process which is consistent with global ISO Standards, including ISO 9000 (Quality Management System Standard) ISO 17021 (Conformity Assessment) and ISO 19011 (Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems). When requested, the Cambridge team will also assist in establishing necessary improvements to your investment process to assure conformity with best practices.

To facilitate assessments, a client appoints an Assessment Liaison Officer and assessments can then be completed in as little as eight weeks!

Using a fiduciary quality management system instills trust and offers legal protection

The Fiduciary Quality Management System incorporates the Practices and Criteria that define a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. These fiduciary practices have been developed by the Center for Fiduciary Studies and are supported by legal memoranda prepared by a leading law firm.

We prepare you for CEFEX Certification

How do you demonstrate that you conform to industry best practices? In association with Cambridge, The Center for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC (CEFEX) provides the answer.

CEFEX Certification recognizes that your organization conforms to all practices and criteria that comprise a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence and is positioned to earn the public’s trust. Annual renewal assessments allow the Certification to remain in place.

Cambridge includes among its clients wealth managers, advisory divisions of independent broker dealers, retirement plan specialists, retirement plan sponsors, firms who support advisory services and attorneys engaged in fiduciary breach lawsuits.

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