Prudent Investment Practices
Have Never Been More Important

If you are…

An Investment Advisor
An Asset Manager
A Retirement Plan Sponsor (Employer)
A Trustee or Investment Committee Member

You are a fiduciary!

And as a fiduciary, you are held to the highest standard of conduct known to the law, that of a “Prudent Expert”!  Are you comfortable with your knowledge and operations?

If you need to:

  • understand your fiduciary responsibilities…
  • understand the Investment Practices that meet the Prudent Expert Standard…
  • demonstrate that you are worthy of the trust placed in you by others…

Cambridge Fiduciary Services, LLC will meet your needs and make you a better-equipped fiduciary.  With over 30 years of experience, the Cambridge team will help you to conform your Investment Process to a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence with services targeted to your specific needs.  We can also help you obtain independent verification and certification of your fiduciary conformity.

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