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401(k) Specialist

"How to Address the (Major) Risks of Proprietary Funds in 401ks"  (June 2019)

Pension & Investments

Greater transparency by sponsors worth more than fiduciary rules” (June 2016)

Plan sponsors must face up to Tibble ruling” (July 2015)

Challenges from 401(k) fiduciary breaches litigation” (October 2014)

“Challenges of delegating fiduciary management" (January 2014))

Turning the light on at Edison about consultants” (July 2013)

Defined Contributions Insights Magazine

“Trust, But Verify: How do you test fiduciary conformity?” (June 2010)

Employee Benefit News

“Adviser offers lessons learned from Hecker v. Deere" (March 2010)

Investment News

’Fiduciary' is a question of function, not form” (letter to the editor) (August 2009)


“Donating to Community Foundations: Fiduciary Best Practices” (August 2010)

“I Made a Terrible Mistake…!” (October 2009)


“A Dangerous Leap through the Brokerage Window” (April 2010)

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