Your 401k: The Danger Within Educates Plan Participants

In 2016, Roger Levy and Dr. Peter J. Roland teamed up to give employees and retirees essential guidance about their 401(k) plans. Their advice apples to 403(b) plans, too.

Your 401k: The Danger Within helps readers answer an important question: Is your employer operating your 401(k) plan in ways that are best suited to provide you with a secure retirement income?

Employers have many responsibilities to meet before employees enroll in a plan and many of these continue throughout the life of the plan. Participants generally see only the results of their employer’s decisions, and not the process.

The authors believe that employers have a practical and legal obligation to be as transparent as possible with plan participants. Opening up the entire process may seem disruptive, but it can generate more confidence in the plan and higher participation.

The book caught the attention of 401kTV, a leading resource for financial professionals responsible for creating and maintaining retirement benefit programs for their company employees. Read the review here.

A practical guide to 401(k)s and retirement

Your 401k: The Danger Within goes beyond the plan and educates readers on financial planning and retirement issues.

Part One

Chapter 1: Plan Fees

Chapter 2: Understanding Investment Fees

Chapter 3: Fund Selection

Chapter 4: Allocation Funds, QDIAs, and Target Date Funds

Chapter 5: Brokerage Windows

Chapter 6: Company Stock Fund, Contributions, and Vesting

Chapter 7: Summary of Employer Fiduciary Responsibilities

Part Two

Chapter 8: Person Financial Planing Viewpoint for 401(k) Decisions

Chapter 9: Personal Tax Aspects of Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Chapter 10: Personal Investment Management Aspects of Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Chapter 11: Nearing Personal Retirement

Chapter 12: Personal Retirement

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